Exodus -

Good Morning, Mr. Cartwright of Raegan’s Rest! Outside temperatures are regulated at a steady 17 degrees! It’s a bit chilly out there, so remember your hats and scarves before you go out to work! There are hover network closures following the Fifteen Fly-By Lane, delays estimated to be 33 minutes for the next several hours. If you still wish to go by flight path, we recommend giving yourself an extra 45 minutes to reach Khris-Ten-Ans Corp Human Resources Building. Public transport around that area is still fully functioning, and will cost you 11 Carsen Credits, if you book your seat in the next 12 minutes. Otherwise, everything’s running smoothly, so be prepared to enjoy your day and remember that our Lord is smiling down on you as he always is!

Sadly, missing school boy Shaddi Dowling has not yet been found. GLE forces are widening their search to the nearby bases. Late last night GLE forces arrested a young man who she had been to see the day previously, who had left the base to, as he claimed, ‘Visit his cousin’. All our prayers are with his family, and who-so-ever has taken the charming boy will be bathed in the wrathful fires of the heavens, and of the corporal executioner.

Your stars are shining today Mr. Cartwright! Stocks in Khris-Ten-Tan Corp have risen by .5% Furthermore, your shares in the ST-Michaela project have risen by 1.3%, although recent rigures suggest that number may soon fall, and it is prudently advised you sell your shares now.

President Treylohan and her husband have finally been blessed with their twin baby girls! The two arrived at 3.54 this morning to a proud father and over joyed mother, following are some pictures of the two newborn darlings, sporting the newly synthesised Cadet Blue colouring!

The sports results are as follows :


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