The Consensus

Then God said, “Let me make man in my image, and let them rule
over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the
earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

The Consensus is the ruling government of humanity.

Strict, fascistic, authoritarian and lawful, it is the Guiding Hand of God’s chosen. The Consensus found God’s Heart, the Consensus organised the Exodus, the Consensus remember what it was like when humanity lived on Earth, and they hoard that knowledge. The Consensus cities contain the greatest museums, galleries, libraries and culturally significant locations. The Consensus is in charge of the upkeep of Earth…

The Consensus is the realm of the human. After the Exodus from Earth, it became the duty of the Consensus to preserve humanity in its every instance, and to let the beacon it had become shine across the known universe.

Life under Consensus control can be problematic for those who do not act according to the standards expected of a member of the human race. Laws are comprehensive and unyielding, regulations are engrained in every walk of life, punishments are excessive and frequent. Everything from standard red-tape to universal curfews are part and parcel of daily life in the Consensus.

The Humanitarian Church is the governmental religion. No individual can become a member of Consensus government without being one of the faithful as, after all, the Consensus came from the search for God.

Sometimes however, those on the outside looking in ask a rather uncomfortable question. If humans are the true children of God, then why does the Consensus appear to worship them more?

The Consensus

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