The Time Of Humanity

A Timeline of the Most Important Events of the History of Man

2030: Despite slight delays the Mars One project takes to the skies, and is established and fully manned by 2050. It is a complete success in all foreseeable ways.

2081: Asteroid Isis impacts with Mars. Entirely unexpected and utterly unavoidable, the Mars colony that has reached just over 3,000 individuals, has been wiped out. This cripples humanity’s attempts to further colonise due to international fear. There is not another human colony created off Earth for another 153 years.

2159: A more militant West and more democratic East battle politically for an alliance of the recently emerging Indian state, with a considerably more stable economy and industrial work force. By 2162, there is a finalisation of the Indo-Chinese Peoples Republic.

2225: Earth reaches peak levels of human habitation. The population dips over the 10 billion mark, and measures are enacted globally to reduce the birth rates.

2234: Second colony is attempted on Mars, led by the new Indo-Chinese superstate. Advancements in technology and lessons learnt from the Mars One project produce extensively more stable vehicles and buildings, a relay base on Luna, and other security measures.

2501: Colonies almost completely cover Mars now, and the Luna Relay Base has exploded into a colony of its own. Tensions between the Western Alliance and the Indo-Chinese Peoples Republic finally, crack, and the two begin a very violent war known as The Great Poisoning due to its use of biological weapons. Millions of lives are lost in the conflict, until finally a truce is accepted.

4146: Colonisation efforts have exploded, many of the known planets or their moons have colonies on them. Earth’s moon is now covered in city, humanities population has well exceeded 15 billion. The original Martian colony and Ganymede strike up against one another.

4149: The Brief Exchange occurs, the first use of kinetic bombardment weapons used on a planets surface. Orbital stations rain metal down on the surfaces of Mars and Ganymede, in a war that barely lasts 48 earth hours before a halt is called. Casualties are in the millions, infrastructure on both is damages almost irreparably, and treaties are negotiated to ban the use of planetary bombardment.

4972: Humanity launches the first Worlds Government. Individual states no longer exist as they used to, the Humanity Unification Project brings all colonies and all states under one ruling government. Quality of life spikes, a technological revolution occurs.

5666: Having reached the edges of the solar system, humanity – still growing exponentially, begins its first attempted Diaspora. With no faster that light travel yet available, humans and gametes are loaded onto space ships destined for potentially colonisable worlds in other systems, most are never heard from again.

7027: Scientists on Europa create the Jump Drive. Functional space travel now entirely possible, communications between inter-solar-system planets instantaneous, second attempted Diaspora considerably more successful. Medical technology is at its peak, and genetic engineering is common place, followed shortly by functional cloning.

7554: The Three Empires War begins, a long and slow but brutal scuffle between the Indo-Chinese nations, the Western Nations, and the Middle Eastern Nations. The World Government collapses, colonies exist who have no idea who they are supposed to be aligned to, cloning causes a Dynastic rule problem.

7609: The first complex self thinking computer minds are created – The first AIs. The Consensus now exists, as a second World Government.

8134: Humanities first contact with sentient alien life. Alien life non-communicative. Period of serious religious doubt sparks a slow regression for humanities faith.

9645: Discovery of the Heart of God.

The Time Of Humanity

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